The Shooter / Virtual Pet you never knew you needed.

Keep your pet happy by shooting food into it's mouth, launching tennis balls 
for it to chase, and showering it with love.


Keep your pet alive! It has three desires:
* Hunger
* Attention
* Exercise (Playing fetch)

If your pet's desires aren't satisfied it will become sad 😭

When it gets sad 😭 enough it will die! 💀


Movement: (WASD)
* Left: A
* Right: D
* Up: W
* Down: S

Fire Weapon: Left Mouse Button

Change Weapon: E


Food Blaster
* Style: Line of Sight
* Range: Long

Tennis Ball Cannon
* Style: Mortar
* Range: Medium

Love Bomb
* Style: Area of Effect
* Range: Short


Download 7 MB